NOTE: These are just the highlights of the conversation that took place on the 17th of October, 2013. For a blow-by-blow acccount of what happened, you can click on the [left] photo. Login using your Twitter account and you’ll see every POV shared by our friends.

It’s pretty daunting to think that I will touch-base on a sensitive subject that I admitted to know very little about.

I’m usually very chatty on Twitter. There was a time that I was Twitter-jailed for saying too much – having joined a conversation on gender issues. Then it became a habit. Every week, I felt this stirring excitement to learn about LGBT issues.

Today, I chose to hold back. I even told my Twitter-friend Shakira Sison that I might be unable to talk as much sense because I haven’t got the foggiest about today’s point of discussion. However, I pointed out that I’d be carefully reading through to learn as much as I can about this bit.

I didn’t realise I’d be overwhelmed that while I was reading the tweets, I found myself opening a couple of links for reference so as not to feel stupid.

The first question raised was how to define transgenderism. Perspectives started to flow from there which continued for a few hours.

PinoyFTM, an LGBT Awareness and Education advocate answered by saying that transgenderism is defined by not being in tune with the gender assigned to an individual at birth.

It was bang on, really. GLAAD defines transgender as an umbrella term for people whose gender identity and/or gender expression differs from the sex they have at birth.

I purposefully tried not to join in the conversation because I didn’t want to look like a fool. Instead I read through the bits that interested me the most. And as the convo went through, I noticed that a reasonable amount of time spent explaining the difference between the terms transgender and transsexual.

To clarify the misconception, this is what I have picked up from the tweets and the references I took a few minutes to read and absorb.

 In a Nutshell LGBTrans

In a Nutshell LGBTrans 002

Another reason I didn’t share as much is my insufferable allergy to labelling. I reckon it would be much better for me if we refer to each other as individuals and spend more time helping each other rather than justifying what we are called by the society – or how we label the people within the LGBT community itself. I never fancied dwelling around gender and sexual labels that much. I guess that makes me… ANGRY.

I’m only taking the piss right there. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I am a human being – not a market commodity that needs to be properly labelled so my concerns will be properly addressed.

Hence, the fight for equality once more.

The LGBT community and my [advocate] friends, have long been fighting for us to be treated equally like any other citizen. To be honest, I don’t know yet where theseuotcries for equal rights will take us. But I am hopeful – that one day LGBT individuals will be able to be in queue for health care services without being leered at.

I am hopeful that there won’t be sneering about how HE prefers another HE – and in light of this topic how HE prefers HE and then transitioned into being a SHE, so now SHE (formerly he) likes HE.

And speaking of healthcare services, questions have also been raised on the premise of transsexualism and transitioning from one gender to another.

Shakira Sison brought up the topic of the Philippines’ lack of counselors that deal with LGBT health issues.

In a Nutshell LGBTrans 003

To be honest, I don’t really think that the LGBT people are receiving equal treatment in terms of healthcare in the Philippines. 

If you look at these tweets, you’ll see why.

In a Nutshell LGBTrans 004 In a Nutshell LGBTrans 04 In a Nutshell LGBTrans 005 In a Nutshell LGBTrans 006 In a Nutshell LGBTrans 007

The above photos are few of those that I have collected to describe healtcare quality in the country. If youw ere to ask me, the Philippine legislature seriously needs to amend everything that constitutes Human Rights.

The right to live as citizens, irrexpective of sexual preference and gender identity, would be given to all without anyone sneering or raising an eyebrow, to put it at the very least.

But really, the point of this conversation is for everyone to grasp the idea of acceptance.

A lot of us in the LGBT community still marginalise fellow LGBT people, because we tend to form cliques based on looks, way of thinking, pop-culture preferences and all sorts of shit.

The hetero-normative society have to come to terms yet, that WE are here, and we do not intend to go anywhere.

Homophobia should be defined as invincible ignorance because they do not seem to be morbidly afraid of homosexuals. They’re just so ignorant that they reject every attempt to put some sense into them about how we are not any different from other human beings. We have lives and feelings, too. Those groups that hate us think that we are an abomination to the world. WELL, WE AREN’T. The world has evolved so much since the dinosaurs but HATE seems to still be very existent.

I have not contributed much but everyone in the convo had something to say. Which made sense. I was enlightened. I know things now that I used to just hear. And lastly I know we have TRANS friends out there who need our acceptance… and our support.

In parting, these will speak to all of you…

In a Nutshell LGBTrans 009

In a Nutshell LGBTrans 008

If you need to learn more about Transgender and Transsexual Issues you can visit PinoyFTM’s YouTube Channel by clicking below:

Pinoy FTM

You may also follow these friends on Twitter if you’ve got LGBT issues that you need to ask about.

Shakira Pinoy G4M Pinoy FTM Bern



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