A Quick Peek At How The Society Needs To Be More Compassionate To Trans-people

As I promised my peers on Twitter last week, I will give my two cents on the concluded conversation about Transgendersim and Transsexualism in the society. As I recounted the highlights of the Twitter convo that night which became a trending topic in the Philippines, I have received appreciation from people who wanted to learn more and understand what’s really going on within the “Rainbow Society”.

I just find it outrageous that the [hetero-normative] society generally disses transsexual people. Well, I have just come to terms with the feeling myself. I used to just be very apathetic about what’s going about. But with my recent involvement on LGBT conversations [on Twitter] I came to realise that being apathetic means I’m just as good as dead.

transsexual 1Transsexuals [or sometimes mistakenly called transgenders] have a biological condition that needs to be closely taken care of, and with appropriate medical help. This gets them to be able to bring their physical look in tune with the sexual identity that they feel [contrary to what gender they were assigned at birth]. Particularly for a lot of our “trans” peers, they feel that it is a great option for them to go through the transition.

Unluckily, instead of being understood and receiving compassion from the community where they dwell, a lot of them seem to just have been taken the piss on. They get a massive verbal and physical beating from the people that surround them and hate them.

I honestly think that this is not acceptable especially when all they want to do is live their lives as best as they can.

transsexualsAs most LGBT advocates would reckon, the general public’s frequent point of view about transsexuals comes out of what they see in the media. Movies, telly shows, talk shows only bring about a portion of what is true about being a transsexual. Because of this, a lot of people harbour a false perspective that transsexualism is some morbid illness or a sexual perversion.

I am not a transsexual person. I can’t imagine what they are going through when they take a beating from the people around them. However, I have been allowing myself to learn about different cultures and people that live in this world.

In the older times, the society has treated lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and the androgynous people in the same way that they look at transsexuals now. Luckily, we now have a wider perspective and a deeper understanding of their issues. We now genuinely care for them as we do for everyone else.

In other countries, there are now laws that protect their rights. In the Philippines, LGBT advocates are doing everything they can to have the same protection like clockwork. Whilst these protective provisions in the law for the LGBT community are being rallied and fought for, there are support groups available to educate everyone and show that somebody cares.

The outcry for equality in all aspects is still yet to be listened to by the government and the society. In the meantime, there are LGBT networks dedicated to give out some form of education and show compassion under the Equality and Diversity principle.


As soon as the society’s ignorance is addressed, it will just be a matter of time before all of us can dwell in a society with mutual respect for each other – without being gawked, leered, and sneered at.

We all need to educate ourselves, not just about transsexualism and what comes about the LGBT communities.

In parting, and now with a deeper understanding of what transsexualism and transgenderism is about, including the thread that differentiates them, I’d like to tell you this.

“My transsexual and transgender peers are not sexually perverted. It is genuinely bizarre that people consider them mentally sick, but they are not. Being “trans” has nothing to do with sexual behaviour or preference. There is nothing repulsive about their bodies, actually.

understanding-transgender-and-transsexualSometimes, it may feel that way for them as their physical appearances are not aligned with the sexual identity that they feel they have. However, their bodies are just as natural as any other on earth.

My trans peers, I understand now that there are extremely masculine and feminine physical forms while there are bodies that seem to embrace both features. There are intersex people who can’t be bothered with whatever gender identity they have. There are also others who feel that somehow they are caught in between.

Admittedly, there are people like me, too. I feel that I am a man, who just happens to be attracted to men [and at some point, which I won’t deny or indignantly say, to women]. There are also people who fail miserably to fit in to the female behaviour [and sexual preference] out of reasons only known to them.

This is an obvious truth about us humans. We are all different and we only have to come to terms with that so we can understand each other and lessen the hostility.”


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